Why Your Mondays Suck

I think it is safe to say that most individuals' least favorite day of the week is Monday and that can probably count double for individuals with narcolepsy.

Tell me if this sounds familiar..

Monday - Friday is filled with “to do” tasks like school, work, bills, kids, family, responsibilities and on and on. Then by the time that Friday afternoon hits you are physically and mentally drained.

After all the chaos from the week you blow off some steam with a combination of eating junk food, sleeping during the day, drinking alcohol and extra netflix.

You stretch this out as long as you can until the dreaded Monday morning comes and it’s “back to reality”

When it’s laid out like this, you can easily see that you are living 2 different lives. Neither of which makes you happy.

This is what it's like to let circumstances run your life, as opposed to being the creator of the life you want to live.

What is so detrimental about this split life is that our mind and body work on a rhythm, in fact every single cell in our body is running on a “clock” of sorts.

So when your sleep, nutrition and activity structure is drastically different every few days you are confusing your body. A confused body = poor energy, low quality sleep, mood swings, lack of focus, no motivation/ drive for a better life ect. Hence the “sucky” Monday

The cure is using your weekend to refuel your mind and body as opposed to using it as an escape.

Here are the things that I have found that are important to me.

1 - Sleep - I know I said consistency is important but I do allow for some extra rest time on the weekends but not drastically off my schedule.

2 - Nutrition - I also allow for a cheat meal or two on the weekend but not all weekend. Also, I don’t make my cheat meals CRAZY because I value my energy over feeling sick and bloated.

3 - Activity - I have a need like most for mental stimulus. Some find this on Netflix or in a bottle of booze… but I have shifted my attention to daytime active adventures like exploring new cities, hiking or rock climbing. I still enjoy going out sometimes, showing off my terrible moves on the dance floor but I do it with much less alcohol and try to stay close to my sleep schedule. Movement is KEY!

4 - Preparation - Use the weekend to prepare for a successful week. Grab a coffee and take a stroll through the market, do your meal prep, clean up your house, do the laundry. This will take some of the pressure off during the week.

Now… I can hear some of you saying this is too hard, it will be too much time ect ect ect.

It is true, this will take an effort to do and it does take effort to change. It is also true that if you change nothing, you will never see improvements in your life. The choice is yours and yours alone.

What you choose to put your time and energy into shows what you truly care about. Start choosing you and the future that you want for yourself.

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After living on stimulants for 8 years, I decided to drastically change my approach to living with Narcolepsy. After 2 years of living off medication and working on my health I have never felt better. I hope these articles help you get to a fulfilled & energized life. 

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