There are so many unexplored natural paths to gain more energy, improve your sleep and take back control of your life. 

About Narcolepsy Optimized

Narcolepsy Optimized was created to help individuals with Narcolepsy get back to living a full life by implementing scientific based strategies to increase energy and improve sleep. 

My narcolepsy story is not much different than others. Around the age of 20, I started experiencing sever daytime fatigue, was falling asleep everywhere and was tormented by realistic nightmares. After I received my diagnosis, I was given stimulants and sent on my way to figure things out. 

What wasn't discussed was the extreme side effects that I may experience and the real consequences that could come with long term use of high medication doses. They also didn't talk about the natural alternative options that I could utilize in order to help combat my symptoms. 

The sad thing is, there is very little reputable information available for narcoleptics that don't want to live a life on high doses of medication. 

That is what is site is dedicated to. Compiling all the information that has helped me go from living 8 years completely reliant on medication to function. To living the past 2 years where I don't need to rely on daily medication to function. Living a full life where I feel like myself again and creating my own energy. 

I hope this site and this information helps you along your journey! You can read about my full story down below.


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I was always tired growing up.

Not the type of tired that concerns your parent, more the type of tired that everyone has a good laugh at. I was always falling asleep in the most random places, long car rides were a given and taking a quick snooze in the barbers chair was a regal occurrence. Despite my "sleep superpower" I had a pretty normal life. I attended Ohio Wesleyan University while studying Human Health & Kinetics specializing in Exercise Science. I was also a member of the golf team. I spent most of my time out practicing my game or studying how to improve my body & mind to perform better. Looking back uncovering the secrets of the human mind and body have always been my deepest passion. 

I received my narcolepsy diagnosis right after college

After college my fatigue started getting much worse. After a sleep study, I got the news... I had narcolepsy. I was filled with mixed emotions when I first heard that I had Narcolepsy. It was a crappy feeling knowing that I was going to have to deal with this the rest of my life but also exciting thinking that science/ medication may be a game changer for me... and at first it was. 

Taking my first stimulant

The rush, energy and focus was incredible. I can remember thinking an hour in that I was going to be able to conquer anything I set my mind to. I took advantage of this newfound power and built a successful fitness facility. Unfortunately, this new found surge of energy was short lived. I spent the next 8 years of my life playing stimulant musical chairs. I was constantly reaching maximum doses and being forced to switch every 3-6 months due to tolerance and side effects. I always ended up in the same place, miserable and fatigued.

Eventually it all started to take a serious toll on my mind & body

I started getting injured a lot, I felt like I was beat up and aging in the worst ways.  I was waking up sore all the time and had the feeling that I could sleep for days at a time. The pills would keep my eyes open but they started to change who I was as a person. I didn't feel like myself anymore, I felt like a blank slate just drifting through the motions only to start all over again the next day. It was no way to live. I knew that I couldn't continue to move down this path, I wanted my life back. I wanted my life back before the diagnosis, before the meds but only better. I wanted to see if I could live a full life the natural way.  

After a long soul searching trip I decided to stop my meds

Honestly, I thought it was going to be pretty easy to quick stimulants. I thought it to be an issue of mind over matter but I was wrong. I can remember the first 4 months feel braindead... and that is no exaggeration of the term but I continued to move forward. I started messing with my diet, my exercise routines and trying every energy hack that I could find. Most things didn't work but slowly I started to find thing that did work, the things that started to make me feel alive again. Slowly but surly, my life started to change. 


I have been off daily prescription regiments for 2 years and am feeling better than ever. My energy and focus continue to get better and most importantly I feel like myself again. My journey has been a difficult one and I know that there are so many others struggling for answers. Answers that can't be found through a simple search or inside a doctors office. That's what brings me here today. I want to use the lessons that I have learned to help others take back their lives and change what getting diagnosed with narcolepsy means. Using my skill and knowledge to help coach others to a better life with narcolepsy has been the most rewarding expiernece of my life and I can't wait to see what the future holds.